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February 5, 2008

Soft Skill

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Acceptance of Others

• Accepts ideas of coworkers

• Listens to others

• Understands that there is more than one solution to a problem

• Speaks respectfully to others

• Works out problems with coworkers

• Does not gossip



• Completes all work in an accurate, legible, and organized manner

• Admits when a mistake is made as soon as possible

• Corrects mistakes

• Accepts suggestions from supervisor to improve work and work habits

• Solves problems or seeks help to resolve problems

• Asks for more information when needed

• Evaluates the quality of completed work

Anger Management

• Understands what causes anger in self and others

• Knows how inward thoughts affect outward behavior

• Controls the display of anger in public

• Waits until emotions are under control to address a problem/ situation

• Keeps voice even and calm when upset


• Wears neat, clean clothes that are appropriate to the workplace

• Selects basic jewelry for the work setting

• Practices personal cleanliness

• Grooms hair daily

• Knows which hair and nail colors are job appropriate

• Covers tattoos and body piercing


• Arrives to workstation and appointments on time or early

• Stays on duty until the workday/shift has ended (or released)

• Returns from lunch/ breaks on time or early

• Takes sick leave only when truly ill

• Requests leave in accordance with company policy

Company Policy

• Reads and understands the company manual handbook

• Asks questions when policies are not clear

• Follows company policies

• Follows accepted business traditions/ cultures.

Customer Service

• Greets customers pleasantly with a smile

• Shows respect to the customer

• Knows and can explain company policies to customers

• Helps the customer

• Speaks to customers in a courteous and clear manner

• Responds promptly to customer inquiries

• Gives customers full attention


• Keeps a commitment for work tasks

• Informs supervisor in advance if a major problem occurs

• Does accurate work

• Completes tasks on or before the due date

• Gets enough sleep and rest to report to work on time

• Has arrangements for alternative transportation and/or child care


• Accepts changes in job duties

• Changes tasks to meet immediate need

• Adjusts time based on new priorities

• Accepts change in work procedures without complaint.

Follow Directions

• Follows written and verbal directives

• Can follow a sequence

• Pays attention to details of directives

• Asks questions when unsure of how to proceed


• Gives customers accurate information

• Does not take company supplies, materials, or equipment home for personal use

• Takes leave only for allowable reasons

• Uses company time appropriately

• Claims only time worked on time sheet

• Tells the truth

Personal Business

• Limits personal phone calls

• Discourages or limits personal visits

• Limits personal conversations during work hours

• Uses the computer at work for work-related tasks

• Leaves personal problems at home


• Is aware of strengths and weaknesses to determine learning needs

• Seeks learning opportunities to learn new skills

• Participates in training opportunities willingly

• Challenges self to do better

Team Player

• Seeks information and help from coworkers to achieve work task

• Takes direction from leader and/or supervisor

• Is sensitive to needs of others

• Is courteous to coworkers

• Helps others when asked

• Is willing to share leadership tasks

Time Management

• Prioritizes multiple tasks

• Understands sequence

• Schedules adequate time to complete tasks

• Completes tasks within the allotted time

• Adjusts schedule to meet changing priorities

• Seeks an alternative if it appears that work will not be completed on time


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